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What Should You Do If You’re Facing Stalking Charges In Colorado?

Stalking charges can be scary, especially if you have no idea what those charges mean or how they will impact your life. It’s important that you know what to do if you ever find yourself in this position.

What, Exactly, Defines Stalking in Colorado?

While it can vary widely, stalking behaviors traditionally fit into the categories of:

  • Following someone
  • Driving by and/or showing up at an individual’s home, workplace, or school
  • Using photography or video to record someone’s behavior
  • Gathering information on an individual using various resources
  • Tracking someone using a GPS device you placed on their vehicle or through an app, social media or other service
  • Sending unsolicited gifts, emails or letters

Stalking typically consists of making a legitimate threat to a person then repeatedly following them, making unwanted contact, or watching them, their family, or a person that they have an ongoing relationship with (ex. A boyfriend or roommate).

Penalties Involved

If you are convicted on stalking charges, a first offense will result in a class 5 felony charge, subject to one to four years in prison. A second offense will result in a class 4 felony charge, which will result in a two- to eight-year prison sentence.

So What Should You Do?

Contacting an attorney immediately is important, and you certainly should not speak to law enforcement or investigators unless you have your attorney present. Be sure to be honest with your attorney, so they can do their very best to build a proper defense for you. If there is a protective order in place, you need to disclose those details to them as well.

Additionally, you cannot contact the alleged victim during the investigation. Contact compromises the case and can impede your attorney’s ability to provide a strong defense.

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