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Sexual Assault

Fort Collins Sexual Assault Attorneys

We will fight tooth and nail for your rights–and for the best possible outcome.

Being charged with sexual assault in Colorado is serious and terrifying, and these charges carry serious consequences. You need the top sex assault attorneys in Fort Collins on your side, fighting fiercely for your rights.

Sexual Assault Charges

Charges vary based on the individual circumstances surrounding your incident and the actual definition of what happened. Sexual assault is a broader term used to describe crimes that involve unwanted or offensive sexual contact. The charges range from assault all the way to battery, depending upon how many aggravating factors are at play (violence, date rape drugs, etc.). Child sexual assault applies when the victim is under the age of 15, with the age of the perpetrator being a deciding factor in statutory rape cases.

Sexual assault is an extremely serious charge to be facing, and it’s not something you should be dealing with alone. It’s imperative that you have a knowledgeable attorney on hand to help you navigate this confusing, rocky terrain.

Colorado Sexual Assault Penalties

Those accused of sexual assault could face a range of municipal, misdemeanor and even felony charges. Penalties depend on the severity of the offense(s), as well as the ages of the individuals involved, previous criminal history, force or violence, and where the act occurred.

Typically, sexual assault in Colorado is charged as either a misdemeanor or felony, with penalties almost always including registration as a sex offender. Some offenses require lifetime supervision provisions as well.

You Need Help Fighting These Charges

With your entire future on the line, you cannot afford to risk everything by not having an experienced Fort Collins sexual assault attorney to fight for you. Contact us at Schwartz & Waible immediately to discuss your case and all the options we have for getting you the best possible outcome.


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