Sexual Offenses

Sex offenses in Colorado include charges of sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact and indecent exposure. Penalties for a felony sex offense conviction can include an indeterminate sentence to prison. This means that a person could be incarcerated for the remainder of their life. All charges that are classified as sex offenses or have an underlying factual basis in unlawful sexual behavior carry with them the requirement that the individual found guilty must register as a sex offender. Other collateral consequences could include restraining orders preventing contact with children, including one’s own family. If you, or someone you care about is accused of a sex offense, it is critical that you contact a Fort Collins sexual offense attorney immediately.

The attorneys at Schwartz and Waible have decades of combined experience helping people accused of sex offenses. We offer pre-charge consultation and assistance if you are contacted by law enforcement investigating a sex offense, as well as full representation up to and including trial if formally charged by the District Attorney. Sex offense accusations are serious, complex in nature, and should not be taken lightly. If a police officer tries to interrogate you or a loved one about a sex offense accusation, or worse wants you to take a polygraph, exercise your constitutional rights, refuse the interview and call the Fort Collins sexual offense attorneys at Schwartz and Waible.