Mental Health Defense

The Fort Collins mental health defense attorneys at Schwartz and Waible have extensive experience representing adults and children who find themselves in the criminal justice system because of their mental illnesses. People with mental illnesses have the same rights as any accused person, including the right to participate in their own defense and to understand the proceedings against them. Both Jeff Schwartz and Kirk Waible know how to present their client’s mental health issues as mitigation during negotiations with the district attorney, while at the same time respecting our client’s privacy.

Our Fort Collins mental health defense attorneys are familiar with Larimer County community based resources such as Touchstone Health Partners Duel Diagnosis program, the AIIM program and Wellness Court. If necessary, we are skilled at raising pre-trial issues of competency and presenting mental health issues as defenses to a jury. The sad reality is that jails and prisons have become our nation’s woefully inadequate mental health care system. We can help you, your child or a loved one get out of the criminal justice system and attain the help you need.