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Felonies & Misdemeanors

Charged with a felony or a misdemeanor in Fort Collins?

We will fight tooth and nail for your rights–and for the best possible outcome.

Being investigated or charged in a crime can be one the most confusing, stressful, frightening and embarrassing experiences that a person will ever go through; even if the accusations are embellished or even completely false. Many felony convictions carry very real consequences, including being separated from loved ones as a result of a jail or prison sentence. The impact of a conviction can also span into other aspects of a person’s life; permanently effecting their ability to work in their chosen occupation, maintain custody of their children, and seek financial aid to further their education.

A major role of a criminal defense lawyer is to listen to the client’s unique concerns and provide them with accurate information regarding their case. Securing competent and caring counsel is imperative in be able to make the right decisions when dealing with an accusation. At Schwartz & Waible, our Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys have helped thousands of people in Colorado who have been charged with felonies, and our goals as Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys at law on every case is to ease our client’s frustrations and fears by giving them the benefit of our experience, education and compassion.

There are times when a felony or misdemeanor case can be resolved early through successful negotiations with a reasonable prosecutor. Our Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys understand that most people have limited resources, and want to put the pain of being charged with a crime behind them as soon as possible. If this is your goal, our Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys experience in dealing with prosecutors from all over the state will help you reach an agreement with the government that is just and fair.

However, there are times when a reasonable outcome of the charges against you can only be realized through the trial process. The Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys at Schwartz & Waible have tried cases in both Colorado County and District courts. The charges include, but are not limited to:

Our Fort Collins felony and misdemeanor attorneys have extensive knowledge of the rules of evidence and trial techniques and our thousands of hours in the courtroom will help you protect your rights and achieve a favorable outcome.

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