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Drug Charges

Charged with drug possession in Fort Collins?

We will fight tooth and nail for your rights–and for the best possible outcome.

A drug charge is a serious matter no matter how it came about. Whether you are battling a serious addiction, or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, drug offenses can have a grave impact on you and your future. A key factor in defending a drug case centers on how law enforcement discovered and seized the drugs in the first place. It is not unusual for people in the vicinity of the incident to be falsely accused of possessing illegal substances simply because the police officers involved could not pinpoint who the drugs belonged to, therefore they charge everyone involved. Drug offenses are typically charged as felonies, with consequences spanning from losing your drivers license to not being able to secure a job to spending years in prison and on probation if convicted.

When charged with drug possession, it’s imperative to have a Fort Collins drug attorney who understands that the primary issues in a drug case stem from your constitutional rights and if they have been compromised. At Schwartz & Waible, our Fort Collins drug attorneys are both very experienced at aggressively litigating drug cases, and have been successful on many occasions in suppressing evidence that was obtained in violation of people’s constitutional rights. This includes litigation at the highest court in Colorado (See the Colorado Supreme Court decision in People v. Fines, 127 P.3d 79 (Colo. 2006). Our Fort Collins drug attorneys are able to adeptly explain to a judge, prosecutor, and jury how things are not always what they seem in order to protect your rights.

Additionally, Schwartz & Waible recognizes a drug charge can be a serious wake up call for someone with a substance abuse problem.  An addiction to drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, or prescription pain pills can have far reaching effects–not only with the courts, but with everything that is important to a person. Often times, in cases such as this, our Fort Collins drug attorneys can assist in procuring treatment and will work with the prosecutor to help reduce criminal consequences. As Fort Collins drug attorneys we are familiar with several resources and programs that can help our clients who are charged with illegal possession of narcotics in Northern Colorado, and will do our best to help our clients when necessary.

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