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How Social Media Could Impact Your Domestic Violence Case

Over the past 10 years, it has become increasingly common to have a social media presence. From Facebook to Snapchat to Instagram and TikTok, social media is a powerful tool that just keeps growing. However, it’s important to think about how your social media pages could impact you personally, especially when it comes to domestic violence charges

Social media can be both wonderful and terrible all at once. Yes, you can keep up with your family and friends while apart and feel a connection with them no matter where you are, but it’s important to recognize when it could cause you problems. With COVID forcing us all to keep our distance and rely heavily on social media to interact, remember that what you’re putting out there could also be used against you in court. 

An Unexpected Witness

Now, we know you might be thinking this doesn’t matter because you can just make your pages private, right? Wrong. Social media platforms often comply with law enforcement in their investigations and they could very easily obtain your private information with ease. Not only is there compliance, but rarely is a search warrant even required to access it. This means that there is very little you can do to keep the police from looking at your pages. 

What Information Could be on my Page?

There are a variety of ways that your posts on social media could provide incriminating evidence against you in a domestic violence case. These include:

  • Providing new/unknown evidence
  • Confirming/denying statements you have made
  • Filling in information gaps
  • Identifying potential suspects, witnesses, or victims
  • Confirming where you were at the time the crime occurred

Additionally, any videos, pictures, messages or other posts could contain nuggets of incriminating information that can easily be turned against you. 

Examples of Information on Social Media


Say you’re facing a charge of domestic violence filed by a significant other. They stated that you were at a concert seeing your favorite band when the abuse occurred. You deny this, but there’s also a photo of you two on the night in question at that very concert. Unfortunately, this is proof of part of their statement and it can now be used against you.


Following domestic violence charges, you may have lashed out a bit. Perhaps you posted something angry on your significant other’s Facebook page, letting them know how upset you are. Or maybe you posted a vicious rant on your Instagram stories about it. It’s common to be upset about these charges, but once you’ve put it out there about how mad you are, it paints you in a negative light that could be used against you in court. We recommend that you keep quiet until the storm has passed. 

Hire an Experienced Attorney

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you’re already facing great scrutiny. Don’t make it worse by letting your social media posts be the nail in your coffin. Contact Schwartz, Waible & Esser today to see how we can help.

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