The Anderson Family, April, 2013

Our family was in need of a lawyer twice in the past 5 years. Both times we called upon Schwartz and Waible Law Firm. They worked very hard and kept us informed every step of the way. Helped understand the ins and the outs of the law. We were very pleased with the out come of both cases. Hopefully won’t need further need, but if we are won’t hesitate to call upon this law firm.

So if you are looking for a Law Firm that works as a team, are caring about their clients, and will do the best job possible you may want to call upon Schwartz and Waible.

Thank you so much for your help.

Sharon and Jim, January, 2011

We welcome this opportunity to extol Kirk Waible, one of the finest lawyers we’ve ever known.  Our background is in education—we are retired after long careers of teaching classes from kindergarten through graduate school.

During the past year (2010), Kirk represented someone very close to us.  In a difficult, often convoluted, case, Kirk cut right through the mazes of the legal system to present his client’s defense so effectively that the outcome was far more successful than we had ever hoped.

We found Kirk to be personable, smart, thorough, accessible, and well-versed in the law.  Years ago, I (Jim) worked at length for a state legislature and dealt with many, many lawyers on a daily basis.  Some of them were brilliant in their profession.  But I feel Kirk stands head and shoulders above even the best of them.

We would engage him in an instant to represent us in any legal matter.

Elizabeth, February, 2011

I retained Jeff Schwartz of Schwartz & Waible after I was charged with a felony.  Jeff was caring, professional, detail-oriented, and thorough in how he handled my case.  He has a strong knowledge of criminal law and knows the Larimer County court system and its players well.  He was able to negotiate the best possible plea deal for me, and I am grateful for his representation.  I highly recommend Schwartz & Waible’s services.

Connie, January, 2011

The law firm of Schwartz & Waible responded very quickly to my e-mail when I needed a lawyer in Fort Collins.  The attorneys listened very attentively and offered sound advice, which put me at ease when my case came in front of the judge.  They presented my case so well that the judge ruled in my favor.  I was so thankful and would recommend them to anyone that needs an excellent lawyer.

Lisa, January 2011

I would refer Schwartz & Waible as attorneys to anyone that is in need.  They take the time to make sure that you know what the process of the courts are and are always willing to answer any question no matter how big or small it may be.  They are very kind and understanding.  Any time I needed to check in to see where our case was going, I always got a returned call back in a timely manner.  They are some of the good guys to have in your corner.  Thanks Schwartz & Waible for holding my hand through everything we went through the summer of 2010.

Shawn, March 2011

Our son was in need of representation, and we considered doing things on our own; but since we were unfamiliar with the law and procedures involved to resolve the issue, we contacted Schwartz and Waible.  It was the best decision we could have made.  The charges our son faced were unwarranted, and since the attorney succeeded in persuading the opposition to fairly evaluate the situation, we were able to sleep at night; and ultimately, the charges were dismissed.  I give my highest recommendation for the law firm.  We couldn’t be more pleased with their services and the outcome as a result.