Attorney Kirk Waible

Kirk has specialized in defending adults and children for 15 years. He has represented thousands of people throughout Colorado since graduating from the University of Denver School of Law in 2001. Kirk has litigated over sixty criminal trials. He has assisted citizens in Colorado District Court charged with homicide, the Colorado Organized Crime and Control Act, distribution and possession of controlled substances, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, sexual offenses, burglary and assault. Kirk also has significant experience in Colorado County Court representing men and women charged with domestic violence and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. He understands that any allegation against an individual can have serious immediate impacts on their freedom but also long term collateral consequences on their immigration status, their ability to work, to have contact their loved ones, preserve their second amendment rights, and drive a vehicle.

Kirk contracts with the State of Colorado Office of Alternate Defense Counsel. This agency provides representation to indigent people when there is a legal conflict with the Colorado State Public Defenders Office. Kirk is on the short list of attorneys in Northern Colorado who are qualified to accept court appointments on all levels of felony and misdemeanor charges. The State of Colorado Office of Alternate Defense Counsel is nationally recognized for it’s training programs. Kirk regularly attends these sessions to improve his negotiation and trial skills.

Juvenile law is another of Kirk’s areas of expertise. In addition to defending children, he is entrusted by the juvenile magistrates in Larimer and Weld County to act in the role of Guardian ad Litem. This is a special assignment in a juvenile case. A Guardian ad Litem investigates all the circumstances that resulted in a child being involved in the juvenile justice system. In this role, Kirk is in regular negotiations with caseworkers from the department of human services, mental health professionals, school administrators, probation officers and mentors. This experience gives Kirk insight into the complexities of the Colorado juvenile justice system to better assist his clients when he is retained as defense counsel.

Kirk lives with his family in Fort Collins. When he is not defending his clients, he enjoys snowboarding, fly fishing, whitewater rafting and wildlife photography.

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Our son was in need of representation, and we considered doing things on our own; but since we were unfamiliar with the law and procedures involved to resolve the issue, we contacted Schwartz and Waible. It was the best decision we could have made. The charges our son faced were unwarranted, and since the attorney succeeded in persuading the opposition to fairly evaluate the situation, we were able to sleep at night; and ultimately, the charges were dismissed. I give my highest recommendation for the law firm. We couldn’t be more pleased with their services and the outcome as a result.
- Shawn

I would refer Schwartz & Waible as attorneys to anyone that is in need. They take the time to make sure that you know what the process of the courts are and are always willing to answer any question no matter how big or small it may be. They are very kind and understanding. Any time I needed to check in to see where our case was going, I always got a returned call back in a timely manner. They are some of the good guys to have in your corner. Thanks Schwartz & Waible for holding my hand through everything we went through the summer of 2010.
- Lisa

The law firm of Schwartz & Waible responded very quickly to my e-mail when I needed a lawyer in Fort Collins. The attorneys listened very attentively and offered sound advice, which put me at ease when my case came in front of the judge. They presented my case so well that the judge ruled in my favor. I was so thankful and would recommend them to anyone that needs an excellent lawyer.
- Connie

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