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Jeffrey M. Schwartz

A native to the state, Jeff has practiced law in Colorado since 2003. After proudly representing indigent clients as a member of the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, Jeff joined the law firm of Kirk Waible and together they formed the Law Firm of Schwartz and Waible, LLC.

Jeff’s expertise focuses primarily on representation of clients facing criminal charges. He has extensive experience representing clients in all levels of traffic, misdemeanor, and felony charges. His experience encompasses the representation of clients charged with homicide, sexual assault, arson, drug related charges, assault, domestic violence, firearms, theft, fraud, and many others. Jeff also has a great deal of experience representing juvenile clients with varying criminal charges.

Understanding that the criminal justice system can be difficult to navigate without an experienced trial attorney to guide you through the process, Jeff prides himself in being accessible and communicating with his clients regularly in order to ensure that the court process less stressful and more transparent than it would be without representation. Having represented over 1000 clients, he possesses the litigation and negotiation skills that are crucial to successfully dealing with the District Attorney, City and County Attorneys, and law enforcement agencies. Jeff understands that many cases can be resolved without going to trial and uses this to his client’s advantage whenever possible. However, he also understands that in many instances going to trial is not only in his client’s best interest, but a necessary part of the judicial process to reach a favorable outcome. He has been to trial over fifty times and possesses the courtroom skills necessary to be an effective and successful trial lawyer.

A graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law (J.D., 2003) where he participated in the Paul E. Wilson Defender Project, Jeff provided post-conviction representation to several clients.  He also participated in a law consortium program hosted by the University of Iowa College of Law, where he studied law in London for six months.  Jeff currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and is a member of the Colorado Bar Association and the Larimer County Bar Association; he was also recently appointed as the head of the Larimer County Chapter of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

Jeff has focused his entire career on defense work and understands your rights, while making it a point to ensure that you understand your rights as well.

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